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Worksite posters

Over the past few years, we’ve made a few posters for work sites. Some of them are a bit tongue-in-cheek but they are all serious in their intent. They’ve been very popular at trade shows and conventions.

Below are some pictures of the most popular ones with links to a PDF you can use to print your own.









If you would like a laminated sign for your facility, please email your information to

Updated EPA rule officially delayed until at least February 2019

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will delay implementation of an Obama-era chemical safety rule for nearly two years while it reassesses the necessity of the regulation.

The EPA announced on Monday that Administrator Scott Pruitt signed a directive last Friday delaying the chemical plant safety standards until at least Feb. 20, 2019.

Source: The Hill

Yet another sign!

Many, moons ago when I was a volunteer firefighter, we came up with a slogan for our crew: Perfection is Our Goal. Excellence will be Tolerated.

Today, I turned that into a PSM sign if you are interested.

Merry Christmas from the EPA!

Yesterday the EPA released their long-awaited changes to the RMP rule which will take effect in roughly 60 days. (Don’t worry too much – the earliest actual compliance date for the new requirements is an additional year away and many of them are four years away.)

While the rule isn’t *official* until it’s published in the Federal Register, they have provided the prepublication version with commentary on their website. The document itself is 372 pages long which is impressive considering the original rule is 17 pages. UPDATE: Federal Register publication link.

Here’s part of what the EPA had to say about changes to the rule:

SUMMARY: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in response to Executive Order 13650, is amending its Risk Management Program regulations. The revisions contain several changes to the accident prevention program requirements including an additional analysis of safer technology and alternatives as part of the process hazard analysis for some Program 3 processes, third-party audits and incident investigation root cause analysis for Program 2 and Program 3 processes; enhancements to the emergency preparedness requirements; increased public availability of chemical hazard information; and several other changes to certain regulatory definitions and data elements submitted in risk management plans. These amendments seek to improve chemical process safety, assist local emergency authorities in planning for and responding to accidents, and improve public awareness of chemical hazards at regulated sources.

I have created a 55 page summary that lists:

  • What the new text says.
  • What the new text means.
  • What you must do (and when you must do it!) to become compliant.

You can download that document in Microsoft Word (so you can make your own personal notes) at this link: 40CFR68 – 2016 Amendments BDC 122116.

Obviously, there are going to be many changes required to your element guidelines and practices. RC&E will be updating our template program to become compliant with the new requirements in the first quarter of 2017 and will make these updated documents available to our clients as they are completed.

Updated link to the EPA documents: Click Here

Link to our summary: 40CFR68 – 2016 Amendments BDC 122116

First RC&E PSM Class Complete. Second Class Scheduled



Last month we wrapped up our first RC&E Customer PSM class in Fort Worth, Texas. The participants spent four days learning about PSM and sharing ideas, challenges and solutions. Due to the mix of skill levels (First-timers to Experienced Practitioners) and Organizational Position (Operators, Safety Professionals and Managers) the class was a lot of fun for all involved.

Here’s what some of the participants had to say about the class:

“With quite a lot of pre-existing PSM knowledge, I still came away with lessons learned.”

“…this class did a great job in explaining how the PSM system works.”

“Very thorough… I won’t feel like I am fumbling in the dark anymore.”

“Engaging presentation of complex material. A valuable class”

“Very in-depth. Informative. Answered questions before I got to ask them!”

This class is exclusively for RC&E Customers because it’s designed around the specific PSM program that RC&E has written for them. If you are interested in attending the next class in June, you can get more information from the Class Flyer or Register Now to save your spot!