Public Review Announcement

IIAR invites you to make comments for IIAR’s public review of IIAR 1-202x Definitions and Terminology Used in IIAR Standards and IIAR 3-202x Ammonia Refrigeration Valves.


Public Review Period: March 25, 2022 through May 9, 2022


Comments must be submitted to the IIAR Headquarters by 5:00 pm EST on May 9, 2022. Substantive changes resulting from these public reviews will also be provided for comment in a future public review if necessary.

IIAR 1 is about definitions and may have some impact on those using the IIAR suite. IIAR 3 is about valves and is generally thought of as manufacturer-facing meaning it shouldn’t much affect you unless you are in the business of making refrigeration valves.

Link: Access IIAR 1 Draft & Comment forms

Link: Access IIAR 3 Draft & Comment forms