The EPA’s RMP rule requires that covered facilities conduct and file a Hazard Assessment that details the potential effects of an accidental release, an accident history of the last five years, and an evaluation of worst-case and alternative accidental releases. In our audits, we find that 3/4 of the RMP required Hazard Assessments are calculated incorrectly.

The EPA has provided clear guidance on acceptable Hazard Assessments and we use EPA provided tools to ensure compliance with the regulations and the EPA guidance.

Clear & Understandable Reports make for easier Inspection & Auditing

Our Hazard Assessment report format has been honed over a decade to provide the clearest, most defensible assessment possible. A report that is easily understood by the facility is easier to defend during an EPA inspection, letting your staff get back to business. All assumptions, calculations and regulatory requirements are detailed in our Hazard Assessment report to ensure a positive and fast regulatory review.

Using EPA Tools provides a Clear Understanding of the potential effects of an Accidental Release

Using the EPA’s RMP*Comp software provides clear, easily defensible calculations of the effects of a release. Here’s an example of a calculated Worst-case scenario for a system:

Using the EPA’s MarPlot software provides graphical maps that make it easy for your staff to understand the potential effects of an accidental release. Here’s an example map:

Experience makes a Difference!

RC&E Compliance staff have dealt with hundreds of RMP*Submit submittals and can guide you through the required electronic filings relying on our experience.


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