Looks like the Biden administration is going to continue the recent streak of attempting to change the EPA RMP rules that was started in the Obama administration.

Risk Management Program Safer Communities by Chemical Accident Prevention Proposed Rule

On August 18, 2022, EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan signed the Safer Communities by Chemical Accident Prevention (SCCAP) rule, which proposes revisions to the Risk Management Program (RMP) to further protect vulnerable communities from chemical accidents, especially those living near facilities with high accident rates. The proposed rule would strengthen the existing program and includes new safeguards that have not been addressed in prior RMP rules. Some of the proposed requirements include identifying safer technologies and chemical alternatives, more thorough incident investigations, and third-party auditing, all of which should benefit nearby communities. When finalized, the rule is expected to make communities safer by reducing the frequency of chemical releases and their adverse effects.

The public may comment on the SCCAP proposed rule at www.regulations.govEXIT EPA WEBSITE (Docket ID No.: EPA-HQ-OLEM-2022-0174) until 60 days after publication in the Federal Register.

View the Prepublication Version of the Federal Register Notice for the RMP Safer Communities by Chemical Accident Prevention Proposed Rule (pdf) (2.2 MB)

Note: This previous post covers the history over the past 3 presidential administrations.