Our next PSM class has been scheduled for February 19th-22nd at the Courtyard (Marriot) Fort Worth West at Cityview in Fort Worth, Texas.

Let us help you better understand your Process Safety Management / Risk Management Programs!

Here’s what former attendees had to say about the class:

“With quite a lot of pre-existing PSM knowledge, I still came away with lessons learned.”

“…this class did a great job in explaining how the PSM system works.”

“…Helped me see the bigger picture of what is expected in a PSM/RMP program.”

“…covered the CFR as well as RMP & DHS.”

“The Common Failures sections were very helpful.”

“Very thorough… I won’t feel like I am fumbling in the dark anymore.”

“Engaging presentation of complex material. A valuable class”

“Very in-depth. Informative. Answered questions before I got to ask them!”

“I enjoyed the interactivity. A great deal of information but it didn’t feel overwhelming due to the pictures, videos, and stories which provided a deeper understanding than just lectures.”

“This book will be a reference for years to come!”

You can learn more about the class by downloading the PDF Brochure or on the PSM Training page.  You can REGISTER NOW!

As part of the class, you’ll receive our custom textbook which acts as an IOM (Installation, Operating and Maintenance) manual for your PSM program!